Apr 21 2024

Global Digital Delivery Chief Supercharges Blutui®

Amir Mireskandari gets onboard with Blutui Universal Digital Delivery Platform

Mar 05 2024

A Call for Holistic Integration

Navigating the Fragmented Landscape of AI Development

Feb 17 2024

Supercharge Your Digital Studio Productivity with Blutui® AI Components

Blutui leverages AI to help front-end developers shine brighter than ever.

Jan 19 2024

As the AI Pendulum Swings

Embracing the Crafted-by-Human Touch in this Age of AI-Generated Content

Jul 25 2023

What The Actual X

Elon Musk's Twitter Rebrand From Birdwatcher to Xplorer

Jun 02 2023

Unleashing AI

Actual Intelligence: Blutui's Revolutionary Approach to Digital Delivery

May 17 2023

I’m sorry but I am waaaaay too snowed under.

A project managers cry for help

May 15 2023

Blutui Strengthens Global Adland Presence

Blutui Appoints Carl Witton as Business Advisor

May 11 2023

Agency project managers, the struggle is real

Viva la digital studio revolución - a Blutui story of hope

May 10 2023

If you could create control

The advantages of a universal approach to project delivery

May 03 2023

Capt. Universal defies Fragmentor - the margin killer

Defend your studio bottom line from the perils of technical fragmentation

May 01 2023

Global vision for Blutui CCO

Christy Fung takes Blutui® to Adland

Feb 27 2023

Actual vs Artificial

We ask ChatGPT “What are the undesirable aspects of AI powered digital development” and here’s what the machines had to say:

Nov 18 2022

Digital that don’t get talked about

Blutui keeping Mum on who uses in Adland

Nov 14 2022

The best time was then, you know the story right?

Blutui injects recession beating resilience into your digital studio.

Oct 01 2022

Flight Plan v1.23.8

Top secret flight plans for Blutui platform development

Sep 28 2022

Hey Adland, you’ve left something behind

It’s completely unnatural for any agency to leave so much client cash on the table.

Sep 27 2022

The gift of time in your digital agency

Your guide to comparing A]: Drupal or Wordpress project set up with B]: Blutui®

Sep 09 2022

What we’re up to and why

Our teams motivation for changing development in Adland

May 10 2022

The Cookie Cutter Creative Economy

In a sea of sameness it’s getting easier to stand out as an amazing creative talent.

Sep 14 2021

Global agency consultancy Tangram inks reseller partnership with Blutui

Blutui partners martech consultancy Tangram to deliver amazing web business to agencies worldwide.

Jun 23 2021

Champions Of Creativity In Digital Design

Open Letter To Creative Agencies Everywhere

Mar 25 2021

Creativity and the democratisation of web development

Post-Covid Adland represents a fractured and frail shadow of its former self.

Apr 21 2020

Will agencies thrive or dive in the new economy?

3 minutes with James Star

Dec 20 2019

Creative agency wins at web design

One agency boss reveals how