Sep 09 2022

What we’re up to and why

Our teams motivation for changing development in Adland

The team at Blutui are all digital agency professionals.

We’ve all seen first hand the pitfalls of digital development in the context of an agency studio. We’ve survived many of them ourselves and we’ve observed what best in class tech looks like across our sector and others.

All this has taught us that digital agencies get wedded to technologies that simply aren’t built specifically for digital agencies. Especially in our area of focus, being web and app development.

So what have we done about it?

We’ve built a platform specifically for agencies and no one else.

Digital agencies, production studios, content agencies, SEO specialists, even agencies that haven’t yet embraced digital but can finally see it's the direction the world is moving.

We’ve built our platform to support freelance front-end developers, digital project managers, studio delivery managers and multi-studio agencies of every conceivable size.

The Sky’s the limit.  Blutui scales instantly, beautifully, seamlessly and seriously, thanks to our partnership with AWS.

All of this is super-cool.

After 5+ years in development we are now able to deliver this platform to the industry we love, to sniff-test, road-test and adopt as their own. And that’s important to us.


Because we’ve built Blutui for creative agencies, digital studios and the talented professionals who earn their living, their reputation and their stripes in high pressure environments all over Adland.

We’re frustrated with technologies that sell into our sector, profiting from agencies all the while undermining our efforts by selling direct to the businesses we serve with a one size fits all approach.

One size does not fit all in Adland, creativity is revered, celebrated and rewarded with accolades and honourable mentions while mediocrity and same-sameness invokes eye-rolls, it’s yawned at, an offense punishable by awards jurors everywhere.

We know the stakes are high and here’s the rub.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Creatives collaborating with account managers and front-end developers, all reporting to management, to CFO’s, to holding company C-level suits and ultimately shareholders and you guessed it, clients.

Our team understands you, your team and your studio dynamic.

We’ve built the Blutui platform so that you can realise production efficiencies that reduce friction, reduce wait times, improve creative outputs and reduce overhead.

We’ve built Blutui so that studio folk aren’t constantly late home, missing their kids’ sport’s games, feeling the pressure on their family life because the weight of work at the studio is insane and deadlines are sailing past.

We’ve built Blutui for you.

Our team is quite literally invested in the platform, our necks are on the block so you can be sure we’ll be here for you when you need us to be. But even better than that, we’ve built Blutui to stay out of the way of our users. The learning curve is shallow, the goal posts are wide and the tools are simple to use for any front end developer who can confidently code.

Our team has skin in the game, they have a stake in the outcome, same as you, and we think this brings something special to Blutui that no other technology in our space can claim. 

We’re in this for you and we’re in this with you. Our success is inextricably linked to yours. We don’t answer to shareholders, we are the shareholders and we answer to you.

So that's what we’re up to, that's why we’re building Blutui, to be the best platform for digital development in Adland. The gold standard with a blue tinge.

We love what we’ve built, built expressly for the sector we grew up in and we urge you to take a look under the hood. Maybe you’ll claim a little of the Blutui magic for your agency, start by booking a demo with one of our team, we’d love to show you around.

Special thanks to @Ruslan for believing it is ok to dress up as a dinosaur on Fridays.