Fair use policy

This policy was last updated on 24 April, 2024


This Fair Use Policy gives examples of activities that are prohibited when using our Services. Please also refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information about your agreement with us and how we use and manage your data. By using Blutui you agree not to misuse or abuse our Services. We reserve the right to alter this Policy at any point, if you have any questions about our service, this policy or other policies please don’t hesitate to contact us. Here are some examples of unacceptable use of the platform:

Intellectual property:

  • Don’t infringe anyone’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

Spamming and deception:

  • Don’t use our services to spam or send unsolicited communications.

  • Don’t send phishing or deceptive email or communications

  • Don’t impersonate anyone else

  • Don’t engage in unethical marketing and advertising practices

  • Don’t engage in fraudulent activity

Service disruption and use of services:

  • Don’t attempt to circumvent security measures

  • Don’t test our systems or networks for vulnerabilities

  • Don’t disrupt our or other's networks by:

    • Introducing malware

    • Flooding / overloading / denial of service attack

  • Don’t share your login credentials with others

  • Don’t impose unreasonable load on our infrastructure (we reserve the right to determine what constitutes unreasonable load)

  • Don’t reverse engineer our services or code

  • Don’t use or engage with services that you have not been invited to

  • Don’t use bots or spiders to interface with Blutui in ways which are not supported via the UI or approved CLI tools

Theft and the law

  • Don’t sell services you don’t have the right to sell

  • Don’t sell services or products that you do not intend to provide

  • Don’t use stolen or unauthorised credit cards or other payment methods

  • Don’t use our services to break the law or facilitate a crime

Respecting others

  • Don’t advocate hate or biggotry against any person or group based on race, age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

  • Don’t create content or do anything that threatens, harasses or is abusive towards others.

  • Don’t create or post content that is excessively violent, offensive, sexually explicit or obscene.

If you are found to violate any of these policies we may suspend or terminate service, or put your sites into escrow without notice or refund. We reserve the right to apply this and other policies as we see fit and any cases of violation are treated at the sole discretion of Blutui. You can report misuse of Blutui’s services at abuse@blutui.com