The web design platform for the world over.

Blutui gives you total control over web projects, absolute design freedom and scales as your business grows.

We love creative

In-house, freelancers or external talent - it doesn’t matter how you run your business, Blutui is perfect for every agency. Invite talent from anywhere to collaborate while maintaining oversight and control of your digital assets. Built in a working agency environment Blutui is the professional tool for creative agencies and their clients.

Own your project

Blutui’s Agency Console lets you manage all of your client projects from a central panel. You can manage domains, user access and deployments across your entire portfolio of clients and security certificates are automatically generated. Analytics and performance reporting give you real time oversight of each client project. 

Mi casa su casa

Building a platform like Blutui is a load of hard work. You don’t want to go there, and now you don’t have to. Blutui offers white labeling and enterprise support. Get all of the power and revel in the glory of your own branded platform that your staff, contractors and clients work in every single day. You can trust Blutui to be discreet, as much as we love them all we don’t divulge our Agency clients

You’re covered

Blutui provides content management just the way you want it with Canopy. Quickly create sites, build pages, place and manipulate the position of elements. Blutui’s Sync Tool provides flexibility and control of your HTML, CSS and templates. Use your favourite tools and sync your local environment with Blutui.