Oct 01 2022

Flight Plan v1.23.8

Top secret flight plans for Blutui platform development

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch with you all but after a long development cycle we’ve come up for air and we’re finally able to share what we’ve been up to. 

Fixes and improvements

Along with the inevitable small bug fixes that pop up we have been spending time improving Collections and Concierge.


We’ve tweaked Blutui Collections, our universal database framework to be significantly more performant. Internal testing shows a delivery speed improvement of over 20% which, considering how blisteringly fast Collections was already, is an impressive gain worth celebrating. 

We’d love to hear your experience with Collections here on Discord.


Our general userflow to get started has had a huge overhaul and is seeing a lot more agency user traffic as a result. We have a little more to do to improve Concierge, our way-finding and onboarding user-flow and you’ll see these improvements deployed in mid October.

We’d love to hear your experience with Concierge here on Discord.


Blutui Flight Plan

Flying blind is no fun at all so we’ll be documenting and regularly updating our development Flight Plan and delivering it direct to your inbox. This will provide timely updates for agency users as to how we’re tracking, whether there’s fine weather ahead and of course, our all important arrival times.


What’s on the current flight plan:

Canopy v2.0

We’ve had loads of feedback from agencies, all pointing to the fact that replicable and positionable content blocks would be helpful, especially useful for blog creation and quick-build microsites among other applications.

We’ll be focusing on Canopy to include this along with many other new features with our first sprint starting in mid October. That gives you plenty of time to drop us a line to inform us of any changes you’d love to see made to Canopy v1.0.


Canopy v2.0 improvements will positively impact the Blog functionality. In the meantime, we’ve been alerted to a couple of minor blog bugs that will get tidied up in the next two week sprint, floating/anchoring toolbars on iPad and a date/time publishing issue which needs attention.


Post Canopy v2.0 deployment will see us turn our attention to how Assets functions. While not a full refactor, we’ll be improving the sort, search and take a more display-centric approach to present you with a more beautiful, graphical interface.


Currently form creation requires developer input and our friendly Adland devs have asked us (demanded really, but that’s ok) to make forms creation more easily accessible by content managers. 

We heard ya! 

Our aim is to make agency front end web developers super productive and forms are getting in the way of that. So we’ll be fixing this before the end of the year.


Improved site dashboard navigation to make agency life easier for all you fine folk and your clients to fly their shiny new Blutui site. We’re including helpful how-to links to guide users through the fundamentals of Blutui.


The big end of town has asked us to aim for a headless Blutui with an open API.

We’ve consulted with production hub agency users one-on-one. These high consumption studios want the capability to integrate other enterprise technologies to deliver a seamless Blutui user experience at pace. We’ve listened, we’re doing it.

The plan is to start on headless in the New Year. So bring on 2023!



Book your seat at the Blutui Conference table early

We are assembling an exclusive group of agency production folk who make up our Agency Conference. This is a global forum where our Adland friends share their specific requirements directly with the Blutui team both in real-time and in regular planned workshops. 

Our goal is to work together with agencies like yours to help improve your studios digital outputs, productivity and margin. Want an early seat at that table? HMU here.

Fun Fact: While Blutui Conference is a virtual experience, our actual conference table is made entirely of Lego® bricks. Lots of Lego.



Feedback from agency friends is awesome and always welcome.  Feel free to drop us a line in Discord or good ol’ email. Communication is key right



We’re committed to spending time improving Blutui to help your studio deliver more projects efficiently with no limits to what you can build. Why? We’re agency folk too, we get what you’re up against and we’re here to help with production efficiencies that improve margins and limitless creativity that fills trophy cabinets.



We’re pleased to announce that, after an exhaustive international recruitment process, protracted contract negotiations and a commitment from stakeholders that he inherits the company we’ve landed on a new CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).

Sacré Bleu he’s French.

Meet François our latest appointment to the Blutui team.

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