Welcome to your groovy, shiny, agency-branded dashboard.

This is the Blutui nerve center, which allows your agency team to create, manage, build, and deliver world-class projects.

With your god-like credentials, you can brand your agency ecosystem, create and assign custom roles for your talented team, and spin up client projects in two shakes of a lambs tail (that’s fast).

Your PMO’s have oversight of all your talent, client projects, and billing details. Additionally, Blutui multi-studio capabilities mean admins can seamlessly transition projects from your production hub to your in-region agency brand, further enhancing your clients' experience of your digital prowess.

  • Create and build your Blutui projects

  • Brand your agency eco-system to make it your agencies own

  • Create multi-brand production and delivery networks

  • Manage and connect all domains for all your projects

  • Transfer projects between multi-agency eco-systems

  • Create custom roles that grant/limit access to specific areas

  • Assign custom or predefined roles and limit/control project access