Nov 18 2022

Digital that don’t get talked about

Blutui keeping Mum on who uses in Adland

Sounds counterintuitive, right? That a digital platform built by a digital agency to help Adland agencies Do Digital Right™ doesn’t advertise pricing or showcase its clients.

 We talk to Charlie Cooper and Graeme Blake to uncover why this is entirely understandable (kinda).

 “Early on it was simple, after 5 years of solid development, Blutui didn’t have any paying clients to showcase,” says Charlie Cooper, Blutui Project Manager. “But as that all started to change, we realized our marketing model shouldn’t, and for good reason.” 

 As this integrated team of agency veterans and hot shot developers edged closer to their goal of offering Adland its own digital production platform, developing features aligned specifically for the way agency creatives and production professionals want to work and deliver projects, the dime dropped. “To truly be Adland’s secret weapon we need to fly under the radar,” says Graeme Blake, Founder and CEO of Blutui. “This from a group of serial marketers,” Blake says.

“To truly become Adland’s secret weapon we need to fly under the radar.” 

“So, where you’ll find Squarespace wheeling out John, Keanu and Zendaya ads at the Super Bowl halftime show, you won’t find Blutui doing the same. Where studio bosses, intermittently checking their LinkedIn feed, encounter Wix advertising the virtues of being civil to developers (which is a bizarre angle if you’re asking), you won’t find Blutui doing the same,” says Graeme. “These are technologies built for the masses of SME business to self-cater with DIY low and no-code options, they’re not built for the sector in the way Blutui approaches the advertising industry.”

 Blutui won’t advertise its association with agency brands;


 “We’re all agency people. We understand how agencies work, how agencies want to be treated and where they need to be supported. Guess what else we know? Agencies and studios don’t want their competition or their clients knowing exactly how they run their studio. Duh, competitive advantage 101. That's why we won't advertise Blutui agency users. Its no-ones business but yours and your CFO’s and get this . . . ” says Graeme;

“We won’t publish license terms, user subs or managed hosting rates either.”

Again, why? 

 “This bit’s easy,” states Graeme, “Whatever you, the agency charge your client is literally your business. We figure that nobody benefits from agency clients referencing the Blutui rate card one minute and giving you grief for charging whatever you believe you’re worth the next. We think of it as Fight Club for agency pricing, the first rule is the only rule that counts right?”.Blutui pricing varies between agencies and even between individual agency studios based on what style and scale of projects are being delivered and for which brands. No agency is on a standard rate because Blutui doesn’t have one. “They’re all different; some are pumping out microsites and campaign landing pages, others are specializing in large and complex data-heavy builds,” says Blake. with loads of smaller shops getting into both ends of the project spectrum, and we get that, we love that”.

 “Another reason Blutui won’t reference agency clients on site, in social channels or in case studies is because we want to get right out of the conversation so agencies can deliver their best work and we can concentrate on supporting them with a great platform, which is really the agencies platform anyway.”

 For agency folk interested in the Blutui platform and the guarantee of a lifetime of gold-plated anonymity, please contact Blutui through the wonderful team at Tangram.

 That should clear things up:)