Apr 21 2020

Will agencies thrive or dive in the new economy?

3 minutes with James Star

As media companies disappear taking their commissions with them, agencies large and small are left to find every scrap of income they can from client projects. Will this spell the end to agencies ignoring web development?

We talk to James Star, Blutui® Expert and CEO of white label agency provider Agility Cycle.

How did you get into white label agency services?

The answer is people, I like to help people. I think folks in agencies are fantastically talented, they know how to tackle some very creative problems.

But there's a difference in being good at what you do and knowing how to manage tough deadlines.

And rather than see your best burn out or agencies close shop, I decided to establish a business that's there to support agencies and give them the boost when they need it.

What is your experience of agency business due to the new remote WFH environment?

Right from the inception, remote-first has always been on the agenda, so prior to the new remote WFH environment, we had already formed a working relationship with other like minded agencies and businesses, so the shift to WFH wasn’t too big a step.

But I think a lot of businesses will be struggling, if remote first hasn’t been part of their strategy.

What are your current challenges?

Its learning how to manage family and work in close proximity, which in some ways really helps to gauge technology at the moment, if you can still maintain your agency clients with the tech stack your using, you're on the right track.

With my agency clients, some of them have specific requirements and during the new WFH, I was able to leverage Blutui for the service and it made the whole process seamless for both me and my agency clients. When you have less time to be productive, you need the right tools to help you achieve the same results, Blutui came through here for me and my agency clients.

What attracted you to the Blutui platform?

I was attracted to Blutui because of the simplicity of the platform, no overheads, no large infrastructure to maintain, low costs, easy on-boarding and off-boarding my team, it's made for agency, it's everything out of the box.

Why would you recommend Blutui to creative agencies?

Because it allows agencies to develop on as little or as much in-house digital capacity as required. Agencies need to be able to grow out or in at various times, Blutui removes the pain points of large infrastructure costs and maintenance. All the agency needs is their client and talent to deliver.

Do you intend to scale up or fold up your tent?

The intention is to scale up, we have a very good market proposition which agencies and businesses can leverage and benefit from.

How can agencies contact you for assistance?


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Shaun O’Neill, CEO. Essential Talent. www.essentialtalent.co.nz