Blutui Origin Story

Find out why.

With feet firmly planted in Adland and experiencing all the same production woes as digital agencies the world over, Blutui founder Graeme Blake set about to build a significantly better mouse trap.

Our agency grew and so did the number of technologies and technologists at play in our studio. Fragmentation and inefficiency was on the rise along with my blood pressure.

- Graeme

That was 2017 and since then Blutui has been in constant development, its key differentiator being its singular focus on improving agency business. “Our core tenets are to enable unbridled creativity, drive production efficiency, optimize resources and improve studio margin on digital projects”. Blake says.

We’ve succeeded in creating the only platform built-by-agency exclusively for agencies that delivers all this in an agency branded eco-system that agencies and studios can embrace and leverage as a defining tool within their business.

Why? The team at Blutui know that agency business can be brutal and have dedicated their time to providing the sector with a tactical weapon in the battle against sameness, inefficiency and poor rewards.

Blutui is the weapon that lets you Do Digital Right™