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White Labeling

Our enterprise plans allow you to brand the entire Blutui environment with your own branding.

Centralised Site Management

With Blutui you manage all of your sites from one central agency console, it’s an end to fragmentation of client web projects.


Blutui provides at a glance analytics for each of your sites. Quickly gain an overview of how your digital portfolio is performing directly from the Agency Console. 

Domain Management

Blutui makes domain management a breeze, nominate a primary domain and add secondary domains with ease.

Automatic SSL certificates

When you publish a Blutui site to the web security certificates are automatically generated and deployed. Auto renewal means that you can forget about managing SSL while keeping your clients and their customers secure.

Development, Staging & Production Environments

Blutui allows you to stage production of your site across 3 environments meaning you can be working on the next release in development while your client reviews current progress in staging.

Bi-Directional publish

Publish a site from one environment to another in any direction.

Password Protection in Dev/Staging

Keep your client’s next big launch safe from prying eyes with password protected staging and development environments. You choose the passwords and it’s easy to change them on the fly if required.


Rich Templating Features

Build and modify templates with ease, Blutui’s rich templating feature provides complete control over the look and behaviour of your pages.

Full Code Control

Blutui know development and we understand how frustrating it can be to have limited control of your code. That’s why Blutui offers complete control of your code, anything is possible with Blutui.

Sync Access

Blutui’s sync tool empowers you to use the tools you love. Sync your code from your local environment direct to our servers instantly.

Custom 404 pages

Add a bit of creative flair with custom 404 pages.

SCSS/Babel by Default

Blutui uses SCSS / Babel by default but its easy to swap out languages to suit your needs.

PJAX Support

Blutui supports PJAX providing information about requests from your templates


Team Members

Invite team members from anywhere to support your digital team, whether it’s freelancers, other studios or account staff Blutui is a truly collaborative tool.

Roles & Permissions

Blutui supports granular roles and permissions allowing custom control over access and visibility.



When you're clients log into Blutui they are greeted by our analytics dashboard. Provide your clients with the key stats without the need to enroll and train them in more complex analytics platforms.

Asset Management

Drag & Drop

Easily add assets to your site with simple drag and drop functionality.


Can’t find an asset locally, it’s simple to pull down what you need direct from the site.

Folder Management

Lot’s of assets? No problem, Blutui supports folder management to help you stay organised.

Multi-File Upload

Push up assets on mass with our multi file uploader. 


Rename assets in place.


Code Injection

Connect apps and run scripts on a per page basis with custom code injection into the head, body or footer. 


Blutui makes it easy to group pages and keep complex sites well organised and structured

Scheduled Publishing

Running a campaign, scheduled publishing lets you put pages live on your schedule even while you sleep. 

Structured Content with Collections

Create structured data from the site dashboard with our collections feature, no need for back end development or databases, simple and powerful data collections are built in.

Custom Meta Tags / SEO

Optimise your pages for search with custom meta descriptions 

Custom Layouts - Full access to templates

Customise your layouts with full access to page html templates.

Social Media Tools

Social media tools are available on a per page basis allowing you to customise each page for your social activity.

Dynamic Content with Canopy

Canopy editor makes it easy for you and your clients to edit dynamic content on page. Powerful layout tools, settings and preview options provide ultimate dynamic content editing.


Automatic Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps are generated for all sites. 

Clean URLs

Blutui provides user and search friendly URLs for all pages

Facebook Open Graph Support

Facebook and open graph are supported and configurable for each page

Automatic Robots.txt

Blutui automatically generates a Robots.txt file for every site, it’s easy to edit to suit your needs.

Canonical Tagging

Blutui supports canonicalization

Twitter Card Support

Twitter cards are supported and configurable for each page


Custom Redirects

Configure 301 and 302 redirects from our pages dashboard.

Multiple Contributors

Multiple contributors allow you to generate and manage content at scale, invite collaborators from anywhere.


Custom templates

Blutui supports full customisation of form templates meaning you have control over what your forms look like and how they behave.

Email Notification Options

Get forms to the right people with custom email notification options for each form.

Form Builder

Build forms fast with our form builder, choose from a range of fields including: email, phone, rich text, files and much more.


Collections are a better way to manage structured data, say goodbye to back end development and databases and leverage Blutui’s collections.


Nested Items

Build nested menu’s fast with our menu builder

Content Editors

Invite/Manage People per site

Control access on a per site basis, invite and manage collaborators to help you develop a site and then remove them when you’re done.

Roles & Permissions

Control who can edit what with our granular roles and permissions functionality.

No Limit

Blutui has no limits on collaborators, pages, site size or content. Keep building, forever.

Global Settings

Set cross site global settings that apply to all pages. Global code injection, sync access and SEO settings can be managed cross site.


Multiple Blogs

There are no limits to the number of blogs you can create with Blutui, our blog feature allows you to create multiple blogs and manage each separately.

Easy-to-use Interface

We’ve kept things simple, Blutui blogs are designed to empower you’re clients to work with blogs through an intuitive and beautiful UI. 

Scheduled Posts

It’s easy to schedule the release of blog posts, set a release time for you’re blog and focus on the next project.

Customise Post html (Developer)

Get away from standardised templates and customise your post using custom classes.


Device Modes

Switch seamlessly between desktop, tablet and mobile views while you edit.

Full-Screen Preview

Preview your site in full screen while editing.


Canopy currently offers some of the following components with more being released all the time. Headings, Rich Text, Buttons, Media, and more.


Toggle guides so you can switch between working with with layouts and a clean preview.

Theme-able components (Developer)

Theme components to fit your site design, Canopy gives you full control over the component look and feel. 

High Capacity and Availability

Blutui has been built to handle high volume traffic and deliver high availability hosting. Redundancy, reliability, scalability and security are at the core of everything we do.

Powerful, Custom Infrastructure

If you’re an enterprise customer Blutui can provide infrastructure solutions tailored to your business. Need to allow for burst load, to specify a server location or support for custom infrastructure, not a problem.

Plugins Not Required

We all know the pain of dealing with 3rd party plugins, we believe that a product should be amazing without the need for additional add-ons and augmentation. We’re committed to continually rolling out great features, if there is a feature you need or would like to see get in touch and let us know.


Help Center

Have a question? Visit our docs page at docs.blutui.com for technical information and guides on Blutui and its features.

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