Adland's Universal Digital Delivery Platform

Optimize production workflows, increase productivity and efficiency, without compromising UX/UI strategy and design.

For agency use only.

Control with Console

Take control of your client sites, invite talent into your agency team with granular permissions, maintain oversight of everything from client access to billing information.

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Data driven by Collections

Create simple or complex data driven websites easily. Eliminate the need for expensive database and infrastructure support with Blutui Collections.

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Components library

Slash development time by 233% > 375% with pre-configured Blutui Components. Simply select the form and function required and finesse with boundless creativity.

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Canopy in-page editing

Simple in-page editing for agency teams and client side content managers. Robust layouts. Design protected. Speed for the agency and convenience for the client.

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Build your agency's web development capability instantly with

Discover the performance and creative freedom of Blutui.

Upgrade your studio and clients to the web development platform used by professionals.

Better projects, better productivity, better performance.

Build your digital agency with confidence

Enjoy fast, reliable and secure websites every step of the way, no servers required.

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Create a new site in seconds and start building in minutes, when you’re ready, publish hassle free.

Total creative freedom

Blutui provides absolute freedom to create. Deliver on your agency’s creative vision and bring amazing back to web design.

Complete control from anywhere

Blutui is designed to give your agency complete control over your web projects, cost, code & client relationship.

Blutui Courier™

Work locally with our powerful command line tool while experiencing all the benefits of a cloud CMS.

Powerful in-page editing

When you edit in Canopy you see exactly how the content will look when published. Content managers use in-page editing on the go from anywhere on the planet.

Security is standard

Every site you publish comes with a free SSL certificate so you and your clients can enjoy secure websites.

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It costs nothingggg to look under the hood

Build any web project with complete creative freedom.

Multi-project console
Collection database
Team collaboration
Canopy in-page editing
Local development with Courier
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No credit card required until you're ready to publish your project
I'm all about scale

Perfect for agencies & creative studios

You're not going to switch to Blutui without a demo, we simply won't hear of it.

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Improved productivity
Oversee multi-project delivery
Collaborate with talent from anywhere
Brand Blutui as your own agency
Multi-agency capability
Dedicated agency support

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