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Complete ownership of the content

By adopting Blutui Canopy, PAN's client took complete ownership of the content curation.

Blutui site owner


Pedro Marques


Jacs Palmer


InDesign, InVision, and Slack

The brief

Essential Talent is the event industry's gateway to selecting talented speakers. People who can entertain, educate and inspire audiences at corporate functions, gala dinners, award shows and online. The talent could be anything from crack up comedians, moving motivational speakers and super sports stars to economists, psychologists and activists.

The challenge

The team behind the Essential Talent brand need to be nimble, introducing new talent on the fly. The ability to link their images and bios, history and performance attributes to the correct genre is critical. Talent rise and fall in ratings and popularity, bursting into the limelight at a moments notice and Essential Talent need the ability to secure their services and offer new talent to their clients at warp speed.

The concept

People first is the mantra for this site, heavily image based and the ability to search, scroll and navigate the various entertainment genres is key to the success of the business. By creating a neutral background that constantly flows through a defined colour palette the design allows the talent profiles to pop. Easily searchable by name, genre and category and importantly, Blutui Canopy enables administrators and content curators to update and introduce new talent on the train ride to the office or from anywhere in the world.

The process

The design and development team worked through the client brief and delivered a comprehensive set of wireframes and flat designs created in InDesign. A sample homepage and category page were prototyped using InVision and once approved the site was built in Blutui, taking under a week to complete, in large part due to the site structure being well informed prior to build.

The result

Happy client, confident and importantly, happy talent. The team designed, built and deployed a highly SEO performant site with excellent usability both from a user and an administrator point of view and after minimal training the client took complete ownership of the content curation. Win, win and win.

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