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By adopting Blutui Collections, building heavily data driven sites becomes simple.

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The brief

As one of New Zealand’s leading group home building brands, Golden Homes relies heavily on digital marketing, great SEO and a comprehensive on-site search experience for its clients.

The challenge

The Golden Homes business is made up of a national headquarters and multiple regional licensees. Each entity offers plans, specifications, showhomes, virtual tours, renders, house and land packages, multiple staff contact points and over 30 plans to start their clients off on the new build journey. This represents a significant amount of critical information, visual assets and value to provide in a seamless experience. Blutui Collections enables the front end developer and content managers to assemble and update data sets without needing to build or even understand the underlying framework. Collections make building heavily data driven sites simple.

The process

Historical site analytics presented the UX team with useful data showing how the vast majority of users progress through the original site, leaving a heat map from initial interest to specific research, catalogue inquiry and contact. This information was curated into a pathway that informed the initial designs. Centred around the user journey, the user flow, images and messaging take each visitor to the site through a natural discovery and education experience which leads users to contact a Golden Homes new home partner or request a plan book.

The result

Golden Homes site delivers for individual sales staff, regional licensees and the national brand licensor, effectively engaging, educating and delivering an online experience that builds trust in the brand and the build process with Golden Homes.

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