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By adopting Blutui, Ruslan was able to deliver a website design that is outlandish and over the top.

Blutui site owner


Pedro Marques


Ruslan Courtman


Photoshop, InVision, and Slack

The brief

Devoli are in the business of automation and connectivity. provisioning wholesale broadband services to utility companies and commercial reseller brands. Unique to Devoli is the level of automation in each and every process in the journey from initial inquiry to utilising the fibre service. No stone is left unturned in Devoli’s quest to add speed, efficiency and usability in the delivery of fibre to consumers for their customers.

The challenge

Initially branded and themed with a steampunk vibe, Devoli relished the differentiation of this unique brand strategy. Devoli won a lot of serious business with their quirky, agile approach and overall look, Devoli love being a challenger brand to their stiff, extremely corporate competitors. With punk losing some of its steam over the first 2 years of Devoli brand life it was clear that a change up was needed.

The concept

Outlandish and over the top creativity with a level of sophistication that only surrealist animation can deliver. The surreal online experience of period inspired people, flying cars and general craziness gives corporate customers an insight into the companies out of the box thinking.

The process

Starting with a Photoshop mash up the design team first created a mood board of assets and concepts which allowed the team and client to zero in on the exact amount of visual elements to bring to life. Next was a sample homepage design in InVision to help articulate the vision for the finished product and finally a blank brief from the site owner Devolito ‘go wild’.

The result

In a single word message received from the Devoli CEO.


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