How it works

Blutui is the CMS for front-end developers. Lean and mean, with Blutui there are no plugins, themes or unnecessary code to slow you down. Build beautiful, high performance sites with the tools you know and love.

Quick start, simple publishing

Creating a site in Blutui takes seconds and when you’re ready to publish its hassle free:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Start building immediately
  3. When you're ready, add your domains… and publish
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Complete control over your code

With full access to your site’s template files you can use the tools you know and love and build with complete freedom.

  1. Install the Blutui Command Line Interface
  2. Create and edit your template files
  3. Push, pull and sync files directly to your site
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Powerful custom data structures

Blutui’s powerful data management makes it easy to create custom schemas and collect data without the hassle of databases.

  1. Build a collection or form with a wide range of fields
  2. Collect data from users or add your own data
  3. Visually present data on your site
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In page editing, done right

Blutui’s in-page editor makes it easy to assemble, edit and publish pages fast.

  1. Organise and layout your page’s structure
  2. Place components
  3. Add and edit content
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All the features, out of the box

With Blutui you get all the latest features as soon as they are released. No tiered pricing, restricted plans or upgrades. Blutui includes:

  1. Simple asset management
  2. Multiple blogs & posts
  3. Page management
  4. Navigation control
  5. Code injection
  6. User control

Build your next project with Blutui

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