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Our Mission

To better serve the unique requirements of the creative services industry

Together we’re building better web for our industry.

(Find out how to get a lifetime reduced rate, a limited edition Hawaiian shirt and a legit reason to visit Queenstown, New Zealand)

Blutui is here to better serve the unique requirements of the creative services industry.

Built by a passionate team of technologists and industry veterans who see the sector’s reliance on ‘old tech and old ways’ limiting not only creativity in the design phase but the entire end to end process of agency client web development. The mission includes building out everything from automated tools to help with the sales and on-boarding process through to launch, training, campaign planning and provisioning, hosting and maintenance. These visionaries saw that a change was needed some years ago and set about building Blutui.

The future of building sites doesn’t lie in the past, it lies in the way professional agency managers and designers service their clients into the future.

Not a one-off change but sustained directional change that provides real benefits to subscribers and to the sector as a whole.

Try it out and let us know your opinion

After years of planning and 2 years of focused development the core of Blutui is built and solid. It’s comprehensive and intelligent, handling everything from simple sites to product or data heavy projects. Scalable and slick to use, Blutui is built using the latest tech and concepts meaning it is very fast. It’s also very safe as the platform has been rigorously security tested by a 3rd party white hat security firm in the UK. Trial it here on a project or just have a nose around and tell us what you think.

Making a real difference to Adland

Our vision is to quickly create a differentiator for the industry we love. We want to give creative agencies a competitive advantage that lets them secure and retain more digital client work with confidence, creative scope and without unnecessary overhead.

Help us build Blutui into your future

By working with the Blutui platform, now in its beta stage of evolution, you’ll be helping to create a tool to suit the way the creative services sector wants to take web to its clients. With creativity and professionalism, profitably and competitively.

Join the movement for better digital as an early adopter of Blutui in beta.

We were the same as you... before Blutui

Maybe not exactly the same because we’re from ‘down under’ New Zealand (insert tired sheep joke here) but we experienced the same joys of creating beautiful design work for clients but all the same frustrations of client servicing, vendor delays, technology constraints and old thinking.

Join today and be part of the solution that puts those frustrations to the sword and makes client life through an agency web build the kind of experience you’ll be paid that fair bit extra for.

Together we will differentiate the business of professional agency web design, with smarter processes, slicker automation and more robust security than those technology stacks that are quite literally built on last century thinking and minimal, if any, security oversight.

This is a tool for professionals

Blutui isn’t for DIYers to hack sites together, this is a tool for creative professionals. A tool created to carve out a strong future for the creative services industry that for years has had to make do with CMS tools made for the masses. That’s not how agencies want to work, at least it’s not how the agency that created Blutui wanted to work.

We hope you’ll share our vision, share our journey and share the joy and rewards of offering your clients a simply better, more professional web design and management platform that you can charge more for because it’s not built on freely available but aged generalist technologies.

And let’s face it - you want your design team designing for the client project not spending valuable hours battling the technology. Those days are over.

The Founding Few

This is one of those opportunities to be part of something meaningful.

Engage with Blutui in beta and be one of the first *100 agencies worldwide to enjoy a guaranteed 80% subscription discount for the lifetime of their account.

You’ll have a direct line to inform the Blutui feature planning programme.

You’ll receive a gift from the heart - a limited edition numbered and named Hawaiian shirt made using the illustrations featured throughout the Blutui release cycles. You simply subscribe to Blutui, send us your shirt measurements and select from the works of acclaimed illustrators Dave Henson, Marylou Faure and Vero Escalante.

* Offer limited to the first 100 subscribers.

What! Am I going to Hawaii?

No. These bespoke design masterpieces to wear to the Blutui ‘Get Outta Beta’ bash (conference but mostly bash) in Queenstown, New Zealand where it’s seriously amazing all year-round. Lauded by Lonely Planet as one of the best places in the world to visit, this stunning location boasts jaw-dropping scenery, year round adventure tourism and award winning wineries! We’ll even Scotchgard the shirts.

No small print just a big vision to do digital right

We believe that you’ll get what we’re planning to achieve with this technology but we want you to give us more than a thumbs up for trying.

We’d love to have you onboard to help Blutui design the future of digital, agency-style.

The web design platform for creative agencies the world over

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