Made for Account Gladiators

Digital agencies survive, thrive or dive over the effectiveness of Digital Account Managers. Blutui knows the digital agency business inside and out (we own one) and what makes a project run smooth like velvet. Regain your sanity and consolidate your digital WIP with Blutui today.


Site by site analytics all visible from the agency console allow you to track the performance of all of your sites in one place. What you do with the data is over to you, some agencies use it to upsell campaigns in real time, others for post analysis, either way the data is there at a glance.

Lightning fast site creation

Create and configure a project in seconds, Blutui is built to get your project off to a flying start quickly making it easy to create sites and scale as your clients and your digital agency business grows.

Simple deployments

Push and pull changes between the development, staging and live environments. Blutui’s bi-directional deployment is built in to make life easy, stress free, a breeze.

Welcome to the party

Blutui makes it easy to invite collaborators from anywhere. Whether you employ your own team or use external talent collaborators can be dialed in to build and manage anything from single sites to your entire portfolio.

Powerful features for Account Managers