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Build your digital empire with Blutui

Blutui is the tool for digital creatives to efficiently build and launch beautiful websites with complete creative freedom.

Your clients and creative collaborators will love the power of Blutui’s Canopy editing tools and you can fully brand Blutui as your very own agency platform. DIY web builders are for rookies, move to the truly professional creative agency platform.

Blutui only charge when you publish a project or invite collaborators to your team which means it has never been easier to get started and set up your own agency.



$20 /site/mo

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We are pleased to be able to support members of the Creativepool community by providing this special offer. This offer: 1. is not available to anyone who is not a member of the Creativepool community of freelancers; 2. is subject to our usual Terms of Service; 3. is available for acceptance until 30 December 2018; 4. applies as a discount to the Blutui base fees only – the discount offered will not apply to any charges that may be incurred by a breach of our Fair Use Policy;