Blutui® shares the love with BluBonds.

The team at Blutui® extends a warm welcome to front end web developers and creative agency users who build websites with Blutui. BluBonds are allocated to Blutui users on a first to 5 sites basis. There are a maximum of 10,000 BluBonds available in this initial release. The first 100 to participate in the BluBond program will enjoy additional benefits.

Blutui does not sell BluBonds, they can only be earned by you, the user by building and deploying sites on Blutui.

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How do I participate?

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Simply start building and deploying Blutui sites and we’ll communicate with you through the app and by email.

It’s our way of saying a big ‘thank you’ to the boys, the girls, the them, they, theirs who are helping us achieve greatness by propelling Blutui into the mainstream of creative agency web development.

BluBonds, what are they?

BluBonds are our way of recognising our loyal Blutui users. By earning BluBonds our eligible users are able to participate in promotional offers, events, competitions, giveaways, community initiatives and experiences at various times along their Blutui journey.

BluBonds, what are they not?

BluBonds hold no material or cash equivalent value. BluBonds are not stocks, shares or financial bonds and expressly do not imply equity in Blutui IP Holdings Limited or Blutui Limited or provide any rights to the Blutui application or related intellectual property. Users cannot trade BluBonds. Blutui Limited and/or Blutui IP Holdings Limited will not be held liable for any misrepresentation of a Blubond by a user.

The BluBond program is administered by Blutui Limited at the discretion of Blutui IP Holdings.

Threshold for participation in the BluBonds program.

In the event that a user deletes live websites from their Blutui account causing their number of live paid sites to drop below the agreed threshold of 5 live sites per month during the lifetime of the share offer the subscriber will be alerted and offered a one calendar week period to reinstate or introduce new Blutui sites to their account to maintain the required number of sites. Beyond the one week period the user may be notified that their Blubond or BluBonds will be voided.

Every user must maintain a current account balance during the lifetime of their participation in the BluBonds program. Overdue and defaulting accounts may void the users ability to participate in the BluBond program.

Terms & conditions apply

Round 1 issue limited to 10,000 subscribers. Eligible users must have 5 or more sites deployed for the lifetime of the BluBond program.

This document is in relation to an offer to participate in the BluBond program by Blutui Limited, the program is operated at the discretion of Blutui IP Holdings Limited. This offer is only available to current eligible Blutui app users.

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